Law Firms in India - significant benefits of going digital

Globally, industries are transforming swiftly and digitalization of customer service lies at the core of this transformation. In India, there is a widespread effort being made to draw businesses and industries together to form 'Digital India'. While industries are adopting digitalisation as part of this approach, the legal sector is just getting started.

Leveraging the Power of Technology

Forward thinking law firms are adopting new technologies including cloud based computing, collaboration tools and automated services to differentiate themselves from the competition. Investing in the right technology will enable the industry to handle an ample amount of information efficiently and obtain significant insights fast.

One of the primary steps is to invest in practice management tools to automate workflows and internal procedures. This facilitates easy collaboration, file sharing and accessing historic case information to name a few of the key benefits.

This makes scaling-up your firm more secure and simpler, allowing you to store data in real-time and access it through the web or via your mobile device, as long as there is internet access. As a result firms’ can streamline their processes by defining repeatable workflows, freeing up time spent on previously manual processes.

Adoption of cloud based practice management is common in other countries, as more foreign companies are arriving in the country it is a natural strategy for mid-size law firms to adopt technology to allow them not only to compete, but to grow their firm.

As a people based business, law firms rely on attracting and retaining the best talent as a prerequisite step to growth. Newly qualified lawyers are tech-savvy and firms that embrace these changes are seeing rapid growth and expansion into other cities/regions.

Move Your Practice To The Cloud

As a lawyer it’s vital to deliver services in an efficient manner, law firms that put customer service at the forefront of their strategy will reap the benefits. Cloud solutions are an obvious choice for small and mid size law firms that are looking to adopt practice management tools

Managing countless documents, following up with clients, and meeting deadlines can be time consuming. At Matters.Cloud we understand the challenges facing lawyers and our product is designed specifically to help.

Matters.Cloud is a cloud-based practice management solution designed to be used by lawyers whether you are a sole practitioner or part of a larger firm. With a user-friendly interface, it enables lawyer to track time and expenses, manage clients and matters, raise invoices, develop opportunities and keep up to date with tasks all within a single cloud based platform.

Whether you want to organise your files and emails, save calendar events, track the key stages of each case you can feel confident the system has been designed with security in mind. You can select from one of 6 data regions to comply with relevant data laws, operate in any of 15 different languages and cater for local currency and tax requirements.

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-by Freya Shah

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